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Recently I got an Approval letter to get married  in Danemark with my Fiancee (Indian with German Passport).I applied 3 months ahead .But the date for my Marriage appointment is close to my Visa expiring  date.3 days before my Visa expires. Can it affect my Visa extension as a Family reneuion?
asked Aug 30, 2019 in Legal advice by Archie

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Congrats you finally will get married

You will get married after you will apply for family reunion visa or stay in Germany if I correctly understand then for German it’s mean you will having no legal status for applying here for family reunion as your wife holds German citizenship that’s only leads to one satiuation that auslanderbehorde can ask you to have A1 this basic German language test and plus to apply visa from your home country or anywhere from Europe any country if you have some legal status in other wise you must apply from home country at German embassy for family reunion I hope I have at an idea of what can be next and possibilities are always there if you can do it with lawyer and stay here and get stay and don’t need to apply from home country for reunion I wish someone else with better information will also try to help you

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answered Aug 30, 2019 by Musawvir
Thanks Studen Visa expires  by September 30 and my wedding date is September 27.That means three days after my wedding, my Visa expires. Do I really  need to return back to my Home Country. Also my German is B1 +.
That’s great if you have b1 then just do something to get your visa extend at least as a student because when your visa expired then it can be a bit problem because by German law you must apply reunion from home country if visa got expired but if you can extend it then everything will be finish inside you will not need to do it from home country or it is possible maybe I’m not sure you can take any immagration lawyer help too Incase your visa expired
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You can get now to the immigration office and bring with you the letter of wedding date as well other documents, i'm sure you could get an extension. Try it asap. Otherwise you would be asked to go back and do the family reunion visa which takes some time! At least now you are in a legal statut with marriage so you can manage it !
Advise don't get yourself to a Duldung! As a husband it is awfull, try to avoid it ! Best luck
answered Aug 30, 2019 by latrache
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