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please I did all as you told me and as the child is now 5 months, and we did the vaterscaftsanerkennung and Sorgerechtsanerkennung at the notar and everything including the birth certificate of the child has come and my girlfriend too is holding permanent permit, she has applied for Germany passport but they have not replied her yet. And my new born son is holding my family name but my problem is since we take a lawyer 6 months ago he has never replied or answer to my calls so I'm neither holding any duldung or anything so I contacted some social assistants and she told me to go to polizie tomorrow and register after that I come to her so my question is I'm afraid to go to the police station alone and what am I even going to say there thank you.
asked Mar 17 in Other Questions by Armstrong68
Dear @Armstrong68, I am sorry for the rather late reply. I do not fully understand yet, why they recommended you to go to the police. Can you give us an update? What is the current situation? All the best, Meike
I went to the police and they gave took my finger print and pictures and they gave me a paper to take it to the Ausländerbehörde, so the social assistants who was helping me send me Ausländerbehördliche Bescheinigung telling me to leave the country because I'm not having duldung or residents permit but she said I should not be afraid and they have given me appointment which is next week but I'm still afraid

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