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Hello dear Wefugees,

Thank you for this website. I will be checking it regularly. I am currently doing my master degree after working for two years on a working visa. Because of the Corona situation, I couldn't find another job, so I applied for a master to be able to keep my residence permit. Currently, I hold my study visa with a blocked bank account. However, my master is not going as expected and I may leave the school after the first year, besides I don't have enough money for the second year. Is it possible for me to apply for asylum without changing my apartment and keep my daily life during the application and whole process? 


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I have for 4 in Germany...after my ausbildung process finished the Germany stop the job and my boss apply for ausbildung dabbling for me my question if I fail 2 year of this ausbildung class the government will stop my ausbildung and me back.what can now....
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