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Hello ,

I lives in Germany from 2016 January , initially I applied an asylum And then after my first Asylum got rejected , I found an Ausbildung and starts on august 2019 , I’m about to have my final exams on coming may , I’m still with 6 months Aufenthalstattung, now I’m working on to recall my Asylum and apply for the Ausbildung Duldung and stuffs as my lawyer’s advice .

From 2016 August to till date I works ( 2016 August to 2019 August as Full time worker , 2019 to now Ausbildung so almost I have 51 Pay sheets , Is there any possibilities to get a permission to lives anywhere in Germany ? I wrote to Auslanderbehörde about it , and they sent me an application with Arnsberg Office process , I knew it already it’s kind of long process and hard to find a Home owner who can gives a Rent Agreement and waiting for This Arnsberg’s office permission for months .

So can you please anyone suggest any other possibilities to apply ?

Thank you


asked Feb 18 in Asylum proceedings by Nima

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