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Hello Wefugees,
I  came to Germany via Spain in March 2016 with a Spanish visa but I didn't seek asylum in Spain. I applied for Asylum in Germany in the same month in 2016.
Through out my asylum process in Germany I was never told that I have Dublin case, BAMF didn't inform me that they saw my fingerprints in Spain.
Now my asylum process ended in 2020 with final rejection from the Administrative court.
According to the rejection Bescheid from BAMF 2020 my asylum was rejected in accordance with section 29 Abs. 1 number 2,4 and 5 of the Asylum Act. Also in the Bescheid it's mentioned that I could be deported to my home country as well as Spain, but I appealed that BAMF decision at the district court and after the hearing in court my asylum was finally rejected in 2020. But nowhere I was informed about any Dublin case concerning my asylum application.
My question here is will I still get Dublin III regulations case even though  my asylum application from start to end took 4 years in Germany.
Please explain this to me.
asked Feb 10 in Asylum proceedings by MB
edited Feb 10 by MB

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