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I'm living in Germany since 10 years I have a german fiance and almost 2 years old german son i can read write and talk german I'm working full time and I have a lawyer but still no results..what to do ? Do I have a hope ? Please answer
asked Dec 30, 2020 in Asylum proceedings by Roman
edited Dec 30, 2020 by Roman

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That's a long years, I dont know why Germany is hard to get resident..but in your case if you have lot of crimes it can be difficult
answered Dec 31, 2020 by Gago
I don't have any kind of crime ..I'm a fitness trainer and also works as a manager .. and I'm working with germans and I adopted their culture and they accepted me .. my fiance family are bavarian and they love me more then anything and I love them too ..
No I don't have crimes and I don't have kids with german. Have seen where many people got german kids and still don't get the resident.  It's really difficult
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