Dear wefugees team ,

I am holding Beschäftigung Duldung and working full time in a company and I am interested to start E commerce business . Is it possible I can do some sort of online business by buying and selling items on AMAZON as a part time income . Any legal advice will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.
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asked Dec 9, 2020 in Legal advice by Sam Sam | 233 views
Dear @Khan, Welcome back to the Wefugees Community and thank you for your interesting question. As I am absolutely not sure, if someone holding a "Beschäftigungsduldung" is allowed to open an own small business next to the main job, I will link our dear @mbeon-Christine here. Maybe she can give more information. Please also consider, that it will be important not to remove the focus off your main job, as it is the foundation for your current residence in Germany. However, I also would be interested in the exact words which are written on your Duldung. You may want to share with us. All the best, Meike
Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I know that the foundation of my residency is based on Beschäftigung Duldung and i am working . On my Beschäftigung Duldung it is written ( Aussetzung der Abschiebung Duldung)

I am interested to open seller account on amazon and sell some products but my question is that am I allowed to do so or not . I want to earn part time money .

Please note that at this time I have no mini job and neither I am interested.

Your expert opinion is highly valued.

Kind regards
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