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Hello my name is Derek I'm living in Germany .I arrive in Germany 2019, but I was living in Italy before coming to Germany . The reason I was in Germany it was to reunion with my family , I apply for a visa online from Italy 2019  .but I don't receive any appointment , them I went to Germany then. Seek for asylum ,  but I was granted negative by the immigration office .( Reason ) was also becouse I was first living in Italy and I also have Italian document , but i give this to my lawyer and he appeal , then I receive a letter from my lawyer that , for now I can't be deported since I have family here and my family can't be deported  too , ( my family has one year permit )  but we are not married yet , , but later in June 2020 I receive a letter that I will be transfer back to Italy becouse of the coronavirus crisis .my transfer has been suspended and after that I will be transfer back to Italy were I first arrive in 2014 ,( I lost hope ) ., I only have one child he is 3 year old , my family has been living in Germany form 2017 , and was also granted permit to stay in 2017 , my girlfriend ( wife) can't be able to give birth for now .becouse she is having some problem , ( but it gonna be fine )  we both are from the same country ( but different city)  in August I receive another letter from my lawyer _  it says the court granted me positive in January 2020 and my deportation has be revoked ,  ( Dublin cancel )   and we have to wait for the immigration office decision ( BAMF)  then after 1 week I vist my lawyer to explain , he told me that I might be having another interview and I might receive a letter to come to the court , , but I show this letter to my other german friend that work in immigration office they told me I was granted positive decision and I will receive a letter to come over to the immigration office for my finger print ( process of the document) . Please tell me what to do . Becouse I ask my lawyer what was the reason the court granted me stay , I ask him if it was becouse of my son , he said no ( I have all the prove that he is my son ) but I don't know what to do and I apply for German course ( German language school ) but was rejected ( and I apply to stay with my family since we not living in same house but in same city )  the answer is complicated , I really need to study German language ( but my son and my wife goes to school ) I want a good information please .I'm 24 year old and I don't want to run my life down , I want to achieve my dream .thank you for reading this . hopefully it gonna be fine .Danke
asked Oct 7, 2020 in Asylum proceedings by Derek

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