I am Stephen from Indonesia, I have not applied for schengen visa and I plan to apply for asylum in Norway. I plan to apply for schengen tourist visa through norway embassy in Indonesia, and then when I arrive in norway, I immediately go to police station and apply for asylum. Is this the correct way to proceed? Thank you in advance.
asked Sep 13, 2020 in Asylum proceedings by Xtephenz | 486 views

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Dear @Xtephenz

Welcome to the Wefugees Community and thank you for reaching out to us. 

Sorry for the rather late reply. I assume that we saw low response on your question so far, as there is no "Yes" or "No" answer to it. In that sense there is no "correct way to proceed" if it comes to the application for asylum. Governments in these days unfortunately don't open the possibility for people in need for international protection to apply for asylum or for humanitarian visa in there embassies, for instance. Therefore, affected people are often forced to cross borders/immigrate in irregular ways. 

If you have the chance to get a tourist visa, this might be one of the few opportunities to cross borders safely - even if the issuing for the visa was based on another reason. As you can see, it is very difficult to "recommend" a way and governments are also dealing with these kind of procedures in different ways. I am also not familiar with Norwegian immigration rules. However, from my personal perspective, it is somehow one of the few safe ways to seek protection for people in need. Would you agree dear @alla_fka? All the best, 


answered Oct 23, 2020 by Meike
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it is naturally better to come to Europe legally with a visa as to risk your life coming illegally with a boat or something like that. I would never recommend somebody to use an illegal way if it is not for immediately saving your life. On the other hand you will use a touristic visa not for its proper purpouse, it is a sort of abuse. So you must have a good asylum reason to prove that you really had to use this way to run from a serious danger. If your reason is of political nature and you will tell that you were in danger of prosecution through your state, the migration authority can ask you how could you leave your country legally, through the airport and controls, using a visa, if you are a political enemy of the state. So be prepared to answer. At least such question is often asked in the interviews in Germany. How they do it in Norway, I have no idea.

I have no experience at all with asylum seekers from Indonesia. I don't know if they have some chance in Germany or in Norway or somewhere in Europe. Naturally it always depends on your individual case. But I would try to find information about the chances in Norway for asylum seekers from your country. Try to make contacts to asylum councelling centers in Norway.
answered Oct 26, 2020 by Alla_fka
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