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i am currently an Aupair in Düsseldorf. i applied to study (ausbildung) but my academic documents have not been processed by the Köln office till now, despit having received a place for study.

i have now acquired a place for FSJ. the issue is however, that my Aupair Visa is still Valid for another year, but i have agreed with my Family that i can go and start my FSJ if i want.

1. do i need to exchange visas again? is my Aupair Visa still valid, so that i only renew once it is over?

2. if i have to change visas, which documents do i need and what is the process of changing these visas?
asked Sep 9, 2020 in Other Questions by VerbalQueen
Dear @VerbalQueen, Welcome back to the Wefugees Community and thank you for your question. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the visa/residence types for Aupair and FSJ or the proceedings. I will link our dear @mbeon-Christine here again, as she is much more knowledgeable in education/employment issues. However, I read in this paper ( that it could get more complicated as the residence permit for the FSJ usually requires the application for the specific FSJ visa before you enter Germany. Best, Meike

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