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I am a mother of a german citizen and because of that I received a resident permit from auslander

When I was in asyl i had Dublin, So I  never did a big interview as to why am here nor to get a final decision from bamf other than deportation So now I don’t understand why bamf are inviting me for an interview while I already have a resident permit  also I got my country’s passport which the government know about and I am allowed to travel to my country .

•I don’t think I redraw my asyl application What will happen if I have to redrawn the asyl will I be deported? Or told to go back to my country for visa because I come illegal

•Do I need to attend this interview? And Do you think they are not aware that I have stay already?

•Does being separated with the father of my child who is a german has any effect in my permit? We were not married

•even if I remove the asyl do I still have chance to stay with my child here? What do I have to do about the interview

And I am the one living and taking care of my child, I would like to get the best approach as to how I can handle this. Thanks a lot
asked Aug 7, 2020 in Legal advice by Grace
reshown Aug 12, 2020 by Grace

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