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Hello wefugees team@, thank you all for the great work .Please  I  have question concerning about Leben in Deutschland certificate.  A friend of mine told me when one sit for Leben in Deutschland exams,  he or she have to make sure within one year ,he or she submit to apply for German citizenship because the certificate expires within one year.  So please I  wish to know if the certificate of Leben in Deutschland have expiring date or not? Thanks
asked Apr 30, 2020 in Education by Denny28

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Hello Denny 28,

I am an immigration councelor and I am a foreigner too. I have made my Integrationcourse hier in Germany. The certificate Leben in Deutschland expires not. It gives you the possibility in 7 years to apply for the German citizenship if you successful finished the integrationcourse.

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answered Apr 30, 2020 by mbe-on_Zsigó
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