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Dubai princess applied asylum in Germany. She had UAE passport and visa free for Germany. Then after she decided to apply asylum in England. So, her asylum application must be under Dublin 3 regulation.

Why it is not under Dublin law? Is is because of visa free passport? Or because she is princess?
asked Feb 5 in Asylum proceedings by Kaiser

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Dear Kaiser,

thank you for sharing this rather theoretical question with the wefugees community.

You are right, according to Dublin III regulations, Germany would be responsible if the EU is entered via Germany visa-free or with a German Schengen Visa. But every Country has the right to take over the asylum procedure (Selbsteintrittsrecht der Länder). this is stated in Artikel 17 of REGULATION (EU) No 604/2013 (Dublin III)   

"Any Member State should be able to derogate from the responsibility criteria, in particular on humanitarian and compassionate grounds, in order to bring together family members, relatives or any other family relations and examine an application for international protection lodged with it or with another Member State, even if such examination is not its responsibility under the binding criteria laid down in this Regulation"

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