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The Auslander Behorde in Hamburg has denied my friend  transfer to where his family is located in Bremen.
What should he do?
asked Dec 28, 2019 in Legal advice by Pan 123
Dear Pan 123,

Welcome back to the Wefugees Community and happy new year 2020!

In order to understand your friend‘s situation better, giving some more details could help. For example:
How exactly/how close are the family members related to each other (spouse and/or underaged kids or „only“ brothers/sisters parents of an adult etc.)?
What kind of status/ residence permit has your friend and his family?
And, did they maybe hand in a so-called „Umverteilungsantrag“ at the Ausländerbehörde already?

Looking forward to hear from you again.

All the best,


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Happy new year 2020. He has underage kids in Bremen and he is having Sorgerecht. Yes, he already requested the transfer at the Auslander Behorde but it delayed for 1 year and latter was rejected since he is holding A Duldung.

The family members are all holding Permanent resident permits.
answered Jan 3 by Pan 123
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