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hello every one    
i am pakistani and i am deported from germany last year i have a child in germany with my  german girlfriend my entery ban is 1 year left  if i come germany before my entery ban time germany deport me once again are not please help me give me info about  this  thanks alotsss every one
asked Nov 20, 2019 in Legal advice by Ahmad khan
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Ahmad khan, I want to verify something from you. Please I want to know if they deport you after your german child was born or they deport you before your child was born in Germany?  I am asking because I have my own problem, though I am still in Germany,  staying illegally with my German gf. She is 7 months pregnant for me. I am in her house staying illegally.  I want to ask you,  if she put to birth and I give the german government my country passport because of my german child  , will they deport me ? Please when you get my message try to reply me . Thanks . Wish you the best for you to see your child again
Ahmed khan, did you also sign all papers for your child custody like vaterschaft and sorgeret. I am asking because I am wondering why they deport you when you have a German child . I am afraid fof my own situation. I will be afraid to hand over my country passport to them next year when my german gf put to birth . What is your advice .
Ahmad  khan I need your reply please
hallo bro sorry to waiting for my reply
my child born after my deportion
 please you dont stay with your girlfrind
in this time your child born you come to your girlfriend home    and   one more thing i  have not sign any paper for my child
 thanks  i wish  you best
Thank you ahmad khan , that means if I sign vaterschaft and sorgeret,  they will let me stay in Germany ? Because I am illegal
only i  wish you best of luck brother

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You are welcome!

I also wanted to add something I forgot to mention in my last answer: Unfortunately coming to Germany - although an entry ban is still in place - is considered a criminal act. Although I don´t know what the chances are for a prosecution since you have a German child and therefore a right to stay here, it is still a risk. And having committed a crime makes it way harder for you in the long run to f. e. receive a permanent residence permit. I just wanted to let you know so that you have all information possible.

I wish you all the best & good luck that you will be able to see your child soon again!

P.S.: Feel free to update us if your request at the immigration office was successful.

answered Nov 25, 2019 by InfoVerbund
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thanks alotsssssssssssss
god blessssss you ❤
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Dear Ahmed khan,

thank you for sharing your question with the Wefugees Community!

In general, it is possible that they will deport you if you enter Germany although you still have an entry ban. The correct way to go would probably be to file an application with the immigration office ("Ausländerbehörde") that issued your entry ban in the first place and ask them to shorten you entry ban.

You would have to explain your situation to them, especially that you have a German child you want to take care of. The immigration office would then decide if in their opinion it would be necessary for you and your child to live togehter even before your entry ban expires. But to be honest, I don´t know how good the chances are for such a request. But maybe someone else in the Wefugees Community has some knowledge or has been in a similar situation.

Please note that it could also happen that the immigration office will only shorten your entry ban if you pay the costs for your last deportation.

I hope his helps and please don´t hesitate reaching out to the Wefugees Community if you have further questions!

All the best


Note: Please keep in mind that we can´t provide qualified legal advice via the internet and that any information given can´t replace such legal advice.

answered Nov 20, 2019 by InfoVerbund
thanks alotsssssss god blesss you
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