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hello i reallly appriciatte your work thanks a lot for helping us ....i am a cittizen of albania i want to start an vocational training in germany but i want to know if my education of 9th grade is enogh to qualify for a vocational training so if u give me and adviice i wuold be really thankfull
asked Nov 7, 2019 in Education by andi111

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hi and welcome,

Generally speaking there is no specific conditions to apply for Berufausbildung in Germany. however some companies specify some conditions to apply in the ausbildung seeker due to the job requirements so you need to search for an ausbildung that meet your abilities.

Generally speaking You have to learn germany and take a test of B1 or B2 (at least),

i hope my answer helps you.
answered Nov 9, 2019 by ouissam
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Dear @andi111

Also from my side a warm welcome to the Wefugees Community! 

As @ouissam already pointed out correctly (@ouissam: many thanks for your reply!), there are no general (official) requirements in terms of education/qualifications for a apprenticeship (Berufsausbildung). 

Companies/employers set the conditions for applicants individually. However, it will be very hard to find an “Ausbildung” without any qualification. 

In that case, the best chance to be successful might be, to find an “Ausbildungsplatz” subsequently of a so-called “Einstiegsqualifizierung” or “Berufsvorbereitende Maßnahme”. In those vocational trainings, potential employers get the chance to get to know you, your motivation and your skills. 

I hope this helps and please feel free to get back to us with any further questions! 

All the best, 


answered Nov 11, 2019 by Meike
thanks a lot for your answer guys u really helped me thanks again
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