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Hi, I am European and been living in London for ten years. I am fiancé to a refugee that is in lebabon at the moment. If I marry him in Lebanon would that be considered a legal marriage in Europe and/or UK? Could I possibly apply for rejoin family scheme? Thank you very much
asked Nov 6, 2019 in Legal advice by SarahBi

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Dear @SarahBl,

thank you for sharing your question with the Wefugee Community!

Unfortunately I have no knowledge of the UK legal system. But I did some research and found this website of the UK government. It basically explains who is eligible for family reunion to a EU or EEA family member in the UK. It states that family reunion might even be possible without being legally married (considering all the circumstances of your case). I thought this information might be interesting for you:

I hope this maybe helps you a little bit further. Maybe there is even someone in the Wefugee Community who has knowledge of the UK legal system and give you more information, esp. about the recognition of a marriage in Lebanon.

All the best


answered Nov 7, 2019 by InfoVerbund
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