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I arrived in Berlin on Wednesday night and on Thursday morning I went to LAF to ask for asylum, they sent me to another place, gave me the directions in German and NO ONE spoke English so I couldn't get there and I got lost. This other refugee saw me and wanted to help so he took me to a police station so maybe they could help me but we went to two police stations and in the first one, they didn't know how to help me and sent us to another one and in that one, they sent us to a really far far place that neither my friend and I knew how to get there so I had to call a friend from Paris, he paid me one night at a hotel, but now I don't know where to go. It feels like they don't want to help me, they don't want me to stay. I haven't seen the first German person to understand what I'm saying. Thank God I found this friend (well, he found me) because he speaks a little bit of German and knows the city, otherwise, by now I would've been sleeping on a park.
asked Oct 18, 2019 in Asylum proceedings by valentina

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Dear @valentina,

Thank you for sharing your situation with the Wefugees Community!

First of all, I am really sorry to hear, that nobody in the LAF or at the police stations could explain you what is happening and where you can go. 

Are you still in Berlin? Please, if you hurry you can still find a refugee counselling office before closing. The KuB might be one option, but there are many! Check this website for more contact details. I am sure they can help and explain you everything. Otherwise please return to the LAF and ask for someone speaking English! Do not let them send you away without any information again!

Good luck for you and please get back to us with any further questions!

Kind regards,


answered Oct 18, 2019 by Meike
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