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Hi there,
I am currently living legally in Frankfurt but I would like claim asylum for the first time and I want it to claim in Bonn or Cologne so it possible for me to move from Hessen to Bonn and claim asylum there? Will they make an objection that why I didn't claim asylum in Hessen?
asked Sep 28, 2019 in Home & Living by Jeddy

Dear @Jeddy

Thank you for sharing your situation with the Wefugees Community! 

I am not sure whether I fully understand your case. You are already living legally in Germany? Why do you want to apply for Asylum? In theory, you could go to a reception centre in Bonn, I guess, to get registered as an Asylum seeker. However, there will be no guarantee that they will also work on your application there. The German authorities apply a system called “Königsteiner Schlüssel”. According to its calculations of quotas, asylum seekers will be distributed all over Germany, as far as I know. That means, that you could be sent to another place quite randomly. Please get back to us if you want to discuss your situation further or you have any questions. 

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Dear Meike,

I got my answer thank you. What i meant by legally was I am student and have residency permit. I am curious if I claim asylum in the middle of my studies would I be able to continue my graduate degree? or they will make me stop after claiming asylum and I have to start again from start? thank you
I have heard it depends on the state. You have to ask the university and Bämf. As you will have connection to the ABH, don't go there.

Dear @Jeddy

Sorry for the rather late reply. 

Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the processes of being a student and then applying for asylum. 

I link our experts @InfoVerbund and @Alla_fka now. 

Maybe they can provide some more information on this. 

All the best, 


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if you still have a residence permit as a student with the whole validity of more than 6 months (it is not important how long it will be valid after your asylum application, it must be valid when you make this application), you must not go to any asylum camp. You can (and even must after the German asylum law) make your asylum application in a written form. This rule is in §14.2 Asylgesetz, perhaps you can find a translation in Englisch. You just print the form from here:

fill it in and send it to the BAMF-Filial which is nearest to your place. After that you can normally stay in your place and make your studies further. You must naturally clear the question of financing if you have no own means. Normally you can apply for money for asylum seekers in the Socialamt in your place. Each asylum seeker can have social help from the state. But as far as financing is concerned I don't have so much knowledge.

You anyway need a good personal consulting. Look for councelling centers for refugees in your area. There are many in NRW.

If your residence permit is not valid anymore, you must make a personal application in one of the asylum centers. You can go to each one, but they will check the system and make a distribution. The most important criterium is what country you are from, because  each federal state  is responsible for a special number of world countries. And you can be sent to each federal state which deals with your country, depending on the quote Meike wrote you about.

So the written application is much better if possible.
answered Nov 15, 2019 by Alla_fka
Many thanks, @Alla_fka for the response and very useful information! Best wishes, Meike
thank you so much for your answer. what is the benefit of written application? if i give written application wont they proceed my case as its normal procedure and i have to start everything from start (studies)?
Hallo, I tried to explain the advantage in my previous answer. If you make a written application, you just send a letter to BAMF and wait for the invitation to the official registration and the interview. You stay in your place (an appartment, a room etc.), you don't need to go to a refugee camp and live there in the first stage of your procedure, different to people who only can make their application personally. "Personally" means that they can only register their asylum wish in the camp, they have no right to do it through a letter like in your case. In the camp people are prohibited to work and possibly to study for months, that would mean a possible break in studies. And with personal application you don`t know in what federal land of Germany you will be sent, there is a special distribution system. With a written application you must not change place and you can normally study further.
The other aspects of your procedure are the same. They don't need to check what country is responsible for your asylum, as you have a German residence permit. You will have an interview about your asylum reasons and it is the most important thing for you. You must think very hard what problems (in detail) you had in your country (if you already had some) and, mainly, what is dangerous for you if you return. The possibility to get protection depends on the information you give.
For the preparation it is advisable to consult specialists in this area. It is not really possible online.
oh I did not know about this. this would be good if they dont make me to go to refugee camps when i apply for asylum application, so it means in can stay in my place and continue my education until they call me for an interview etc.
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