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hello.i just want to know that i have greece refugee status.i have 3 year residence permit of greece and 5 year travel there any posibilities that can i convert or change my documents in germany
asked Sep 25, 2019 in Legal advice by muhammad 786786

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Dear muhammad 786786,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Wefugees Community.

Do I understand correctly, that you want to live in Germany as an acknowledged refugee in Greece? As most of the European countries apply the so-called Dublin-regulation (among them Germany and Greece), according to this rule, refugees, in general, would need to apply for asylum and also stay in the country they first entered (or which issued a visa).

Is there any special reason for you to move to Germany, for example, a family re-unification?

I am afraid, that only in exceptional and well-proven circumstances, authorities would support you in this.

Please feel free to get back to us, if you want to discuss your case further.

All the best,

answered Oct 6, 2019 by Meike
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