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Am living in the camp and decided to register my german child under his father address who lives in another city but am the one living with the child my question are:

1. I want to know who is entitled to receive Kindergeld me or him(his german too)

2.where to apply his city or mine while the child isn’t registered to where I stay does that matters?we don’t stay together but planning to

3.I don’t have a bank account yet will it be possible to receive in cash or can a baby have his own bank account the child is under 6 months? or should it go through the father account?

if there’s any question do ask thanks alot.
asked Sep 12, 2019 in Money by Grace

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Dear @Grace

Thank you for sharing your questions with the Wefugee Community! 

If you are the one living with and caring for the child, you should also receive the Kindergeld. 

I assume that you have a residence permit according to §28 AufenthG related to your German child? If yes, you are in general entitled to receive Kindergeld. Only if you are in a pending Asylum procedure you are not entitled or if you are holding a residence permit according to §25 Abs. 3 other conditions would apply. 

May I ask you why you registered your child with the father's address? I am afraid that this could lead to difficulties in future. Also, you would have to apply for Kindergeld at the "Familienkasse/Agentur für Arbeit" in your district. 

I also would recommend you to get an own bank account - it is not very difficult. In general, they will transfer the Kindergeld to your account. In very exceptional cases you might also be able to receive a cheque. However, the Familienkasse is not paying it in cash.

I hope this helps and please get back to us if any clarification is needed or you have any further questions! 

All the best, 


answered Sep 13, 2019 by Meike
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