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My friend is a duldung holder. He is a Bangladeshi citizen. He's been in Germany for almost six years. He has permanent job. Recently he was sent to his country’s embassy to collect his passport. But the embassy denied to issue a passport for him since he could not submit any documents. And he also cannot manage any documents from his country.  

Question-1: Is there any threats for him now or can they deport him without his passport or documents?
Question-2: After eight years he can apply for residence permit. How can he prove that he cannot manage any documents or passport to get a Grey Passport?   

Thanks for your supports.
asked Jun 14, 2019 in Asylum proceedings by Nay

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Dear Nay,

Yes, as a "Duldung" holder, your friend is required to make an effort to get a national passport. It will be very important to record somehow, that he tried his best to get one. Maybe he can prepare a letter, which states, that the embassy is not issuing the documents and ask them accordingly to sign it. Another option could be to take people with him as "witnesses". However, I think that you also should look for legal counselling. If you want to share your area you live in, we are also happy to support you in finding a close counselling office.

Good luck with everything and please let us know, if we can support you somehow.


answered Jun 17, 2019 by Meike
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