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Dear sir or Mam
I came in Germany July 2018, then i apply thr asylum, after that they have rejected my case and they has give to me yellow one, then i appeal again, and then they rejected on 15 days,, after that i again appeal in BAMF,i have duldung, but now my case is pending,, and i sent to to them my some case documents,, but they have not replied to for anything,, my question they can deported me if my case pending in BAMF,, ANDthry have not give to me work permission and give me less money, and i already have fingers in home country,, because i was applied the Germany visa,, and they was rejected in 2017,
Can you guide what be happening, and how long can take time for finally decided,, if they rejected,, so after that they will inform me for leaved the country or without information they can be deported?
asked May 7, 2019 in Asylum proceedings by Ji93
Here is any expert,, who can answer ❓

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