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Does duales Studium came in vocational training ( Berufsausbildung) i am studying international Business duales Studium.

I want to apply for Ausbildung Duldung but  what should I select from BBIG list for qualification. There is nothing mention in BBIG list for duales Studium.

Can I get residency if I complete my duales Studium and find Job in my field .

Some one told me that duales Studium is Not in Ausbildung category please clarify . Your comments will be highly appreciated.
asked May 4, 2019 in Education by Khan

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A Duales Studium is not a  vocational training (Ausbildung) in general. There are some university of applied science (Fachhochschule) with a combination of university courses in Duales Studium and with a vocational training (Ausbildungintegrierte) together: but the courses are selten and it is difficult to get a place. If you need an Ausbildung-Place for the Ausbildungsduldung apply for a Ausbildung. If you are in Belrin you can get a fee consultation by the LernLaden Neukölln, otherwise have a look for Bildungsberatung in your city of residene.
answered Jul 8, 2019 by BildungsberaterIn
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