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Can someone tell me which of this medium could one get his/her decision from after appeal against BAMF decision?? BAMF or from the COURT
asked Apr 23, 2019 in Asylum proceedings by hafiz123

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Tricky question, but you are dealing with BAMF and against BAMF, so you are getting it from BAMF, the court is a method to make BAMF rethink about your case
answered Apr 25, 2021 by Solomon91
If you a receive a negative decision by the BAMF on your asylum case, you can appeal in court (Verwaltungsgericht) against it (keep in mind the terms of action/deadlines). The court ruling might instruct the BAMF to revoke the decision and to give a humanitarian status (refugee recognition, subsidiary protection, or national ban of deportation). Then, the local immigration office may issue a residence permit accordingly.
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