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Hallo wefugees,

I’m kuba a asylum seekers in Germany for almost 3 years and I have already done my first interview with bamf in 2017 but unfortunately it was simply rejection and I have appealed against the decision but still waiting for the court.

My question Is I have recently been diagnosed with Active Tuberculosis and I’m still in hospital taking medication , should I apply for Deportation ban or residential permit and is it going to be accepted since I still hold my aufenthalsgestattun.

And Do I need a B1 certificate since i have completed my vocational education with haupschuleabluss , I have Asked my teacher and she told me I don’t need B1 if I already have a haupschuleabscluss .

Please I’m looking forward for your feedback.

Kind regards.

asked Apr 22 in Asylum proceedings by Yankuba

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