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asked Mar 23, 2019 in Other Questions by Zaki

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Dear Zaki@ thank you for sharing your problem with us , have you been to the doctor? Have they issued you mutterpass? Have you done the vaterschaft with your German boyfriend? If yes to all the questions then submit copies of all the documents to the ausl√§nderbehorder or your lawyer and I hope the deportation will be cancel.  I hope I have answered your question and don't forget to come back if you have any question for an answer.  I wish you good luck
answered Mar 24, 2019 by Denny28
Could it be posible or a chance that my deportation can be cancel if i have submited all of this documents to ausländerbehorde?
Hello Zaki@ by submitting all the necessary documents concerning your pregnancy ( mutterpass) and the father (Vaterschaft) of your unborn child who's German citizen can or will cancel the deportation on you . But make sure you submit copies and also a copy to your lawyer too .
Thank you for answering all my questions.It do really help .
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