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Please DO you know the reason why.  Every 3 months that i want to renew my AUSWEIS DULDUNG    I have to pay money Before collecting it from AUSLÄNDERBEHÖRDE? ??.  I DO NOT UNDERSTAND
asked Mar 12 in Asylum proceedings by Collins

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Leipzig city,
I have not yet put my Residents permit.
 I had 6 months  resident permit which I was Woking with . But when it was finished they change it to Duldung with also a working permit  which I paid before i collected it and the AUSLÄNDERBEHÖRDE told me that i should go and bring my Passport.  That if i didn't bring it  That I will stop working. And i will not go out from the city that i am living.  So when  My Lawyer wrote to them. I received a FORM FROM AUSLÄNDERBEHÖRDE. In that FORM they said that i should give them the reason why I don't want to go back to my Country.  Which I did.  after 3 months again i went to Ausländerbehörde in other to renew my AUSWEIS  . They gave me more 3 months with working permit. which i also paid.
They told me again that i should go and bring my Passport.  . So I don't know the next  To do. Please what Can i do?
answered 6 days ago by Collins
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