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Hi. I want to ask something. I'm a former asylum seeker who got a negative decision in Denmark and had deported by police to my home country in October 2018. Regarding Article 19, i can apply asylum in others Member State if i leave Mmeber State at least 3 months eventhough i have a fingerprint in Denmark (that's mean i need to give a solid evidence to proof that i have leave Member State for at least 3 months). I come from the country free Schengen visa for 3 months.

My question is :
1) What chance to win the case based on Dublin Article 19. I'm thinking to apply asylum for 2nd time, but in Belgium or Germany . I read that there were the case in Sweden and Netherland regarding Article 19, both case appeal to EU Court after Sweden and Netherland courts dismissed the case.

2) May i know when is Dublin Regulation 4 will come in force? and is it true that Article 19 was deleted from Dublin Regulation 3? What is the future for me and ex-asylum seekers who leave Member States for certain of period time? Did Belgium or Germany will send me back to Denmark if Dublin Regulation 4 come in force?

Thank you

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