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i am  frome Eritrea  & i was born in Ethiopia
First  i was ask asylum  in Sweden  then  I get three reject ...after that i came in GARMONEY  for another  asylum seeking..
in  GARMONEY  after  9 months  i  get  reject  and deport to Ethiopia !!   the decision is  the  same to  Sweden. it's  complicated  for me   Ethiopia is not acepted me  because my  Nationality is Eritrea  of  course  I was born in Ethiopia  eritrean family's..  after that  i go to  the court  Apple..the  court  2  times  given to me  postive deceshion  because  i have  evidence Eritrean pasport..  my  question is  the court decision is  another new procedures in GARMONEY   Article §§51 Abs.1 Nr.2 VwVfG i v.m.§71Abs. 1 Satz 1 AsylG vor .mit. der Folge.. plz i can't  understand  thise  Article  and what  i expect  to the  BMF.
asked Jan 22 in Legal advice by Fredom
Dear @Fredom, Thank you for reaching out to us! I'm very sorry to hear about your situation. Since I'm not a lawyer, I will link our asylum law expert @Nilab here so she can have a look and explain the meaning of the law paragraphs more accurately. All the best, Isa

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