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Hi there, my friend from Italy came here together with his family. he has two years document and the wife has the unbefisted. that is can not be renewed. they asylum was rejected.  he would like to know their chances of stay here.
asked Jan 21, 2019 in Asylum proceedings by hafiz123
Hey again @hafiz123, I think I'm a bit confused, could you please let me know the following details: your friend has a residence title for two years in Italy? I didn't quite understand what title his wife has, could you clarify that for me? They now also applied for asylum in Germany and have been rejected? Thank you and talk soon, Isa

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2 Answers

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thank you for your fed back.  yes the wife has the document called *00*
answered Jan 22, 2019 by hafiz123
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the wife have the '00' that's it non renewable
answered Jan 22, 2019 by hafiz123
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