I want to seek asylum in canada, does transiting in france prevent me from being eligible to seek asylum in canada?

Since, by law, an asylum seeker has to apply for asylum in the first safe country he enters.
asked Jan 1, 2019 in Asylum proceedings by Yanou3311 | 957 views

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Dear @Yanou3311

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In regards to transiting: I'm unsure how that will affect your claim in Canada, but it would play a role within the EU (due to the Dublin regulations, the first EU-country you enter that registers your fingerprints or issued you a visa/ where you claim or claimed asylum is considered responsible for your case). 

The following information is from the Canadian Government's website:

"Your refugee claim may not be eligible to be referred to the IRB if you:

  • have been recognized as a Convention refugee by another country that you can return to.
  • have already been granted protected person status in Canada.
  • arrived via the Canada-United States border.
  • are not admissible to Canada on security grounds, or because of criminal activity or human rights violations.
  • made a previous refugee claim that was not found eligible.
  • made a previous refugee claim that was rejected by the IRB.
  • abandoned or withdrew a previous refugee claim."

If you do not have a protection status from another "safe" country, or applied for said status in any other country, you should still be eligible according to this information. The website provides more information on how to apply for asylum in Canada and where.

Please also check out this thread from our platform that discusses a similar topic: 

Asylum to Canada While on transit 

I hope these sources help. Let me know if you need any further clarification or assistance!

All the best,


answered Jan 3, 2019 by Isa
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