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Hi everybody my Name is Amir am From pakistan i make Ausbildung als backer next year june i make final exame.
I have really big Problem i dont learn in my Company my first Boss is reall nice He give me good Job i learn alot but He leave Company last  year in November then coming New Boss and starting my Bad days New Boss change everything and He give me alwayes shity work 1 year i dont learn nothing its a big Company no Management and no body give respect to other people i talk to the Boss PLZ give me other place becuse i make Ausbildung i learn but next week He send me in spüle to clean maschine parts i dont know what can i Do i have 6 month but i dont have stamina to face this Problem PLZ give me advice what can i do.
asked Dec 6, 2018 in Education by Amir

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Dear @Amir, this is really sad to hear what has happened to you. If you could let me know in which city your Ausbildung is I will do some research where you could help to solve this problem. Until then if you have further question please feel free to reach out to the community. Best regards, Nilab
answered Dec 11, 2018 by Nilab
I am working in Berlin Spandau and this backery is really Big Like Industrie
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