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My name is yosra. I am from libya,35years old and i am a employed. I have a big problem in my life pushing me sometimes to think about suicide. My parents are pushing me to marry a Man . They dont know that i am a lesbian , they will beat me and kill me , there is no low will save me from any harm no one will help me one one will defend me for been this way . But the problem if i say i am lesbian or say no to the man i will be beating till i die. I am asking you for help so i can come to germany,learn german and then get a work in have work experience from a very different job in a high level, i wish to live my life feel safe feel the freedom. Hope i can get some help from you
Thanks in advance
asked Dec 5 in Asylum proceedings by Yosrinko

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Dear @Yosrinko, Yosra, 

I'm deeply sorry to hear about your situation and moved by what you shared here with the community. 

It must have taken you a lot of courage to write these words and seek support. Please know that I'm listening - I hear you and I'm trying to help. 

May I ask you, is there any person in your close circle who you feel comfortable talking to? Have you shared this information with any of your friends or a family member? 

Although in these situations it often seems like everything is hopeless, there are ways that can help you, even in small steps. 

Being persecuted on the grounds of your sexual orientation is a reason for claiming protection in Germany. Therefore, you can apply for asylum based on the fear of being persecuted (as you explained above, that you fear for your life and that your country isn't safe for you). 

I will link our asylum law expert @Nilab here as well, she might have a few more insights to help you in your situation dear Yosra. Also, I will do some more research on your situation. Maybe it would help to contact the German Lesbian and Gay Federation: (click on "Kontakt" to write a message/ Nachricht). 

Please don't give up hope. 

Talk to you soon, 


answered 1 day ago by Isa
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