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I am having 3 years Residence permit by BAMF , and now I have been admitted to M.a Governance and human rights in leuphana University which is part time study , I wanted to transfer myself from weilheim to Lüneburg but it needs a permission ,which seems difficult to get. I also find jobs there but at first they need me to be register there ?
How it works actually ,guide me thanks
asked Dec 4 in Home & Living by Asad Baloch

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Dear @Asad Baloch,

Thank you for your question and for reaching out to the community.

I have found a few threads on our platform that have discussed similar questions, have a look here:

I hope the answers provided there help you out! Nevertheless, feel free to reach out to us again if you need further assistance.

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answered 1 day ago by Isa
I have got 3 years status on December 2017 , though I have also find jobs in lüneburg but without anmeldung I can't do job there.
I have been to Auslanderbehörde in weilheim ,they told me that we have send a request to lüneburg when they give positive answer so that I can live in lüneburg.

Question : without lüneburg ,s approval or permission can I register myself in lüneburg or should I wait for the answer by the city ?
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