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Hello. If i make a second asylum request in Belgium, for the same reasons but eith new evidences, and it is accepted, after I finish all the interviews, is it possible that the Belgium authorities ask for my file in the county where i made the first asylum application??? I mean is it legal for them to give details from the file of the first application? Or everythink is confidential?
asked Nov 30 in Asylum proceedings by DD
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Dear @DD

I can see that it's a very tricky situation you are in, so thank you for getting in touch with us again. 

Just so I could understand a bit more about your case, I've read through the questions you have asked a year ago. What it looks like to me is that you are first of all asking if you can apply for asylum again in a different EU-country - Belgium, with new evidence, as you've stated. Second of all, if the Belgian authorities can view your first application made in Switzerland. 

If you follow this link here, a similar question has been asked before and answered by one of our legal advice experts: 

There is another answer that can help you here, also regarding Belgium's proceedings with second asylum applications: 

Please feel free to reach out to us again if you still have questions, I really hope the answers provided in the threads I'm sending you help! 

All the best, 


answered 6 days ago by Isa
Thank you very much for your feedback, but to tell the truth i did not get any answer from what I read. My question is simple. While having a second asylum process ongoing, can this country ask for the file to the first country that took before a negative decision?? Pls if you have any information about it possibly let me know.
Dear @DD, thanks for letting me know and I'm sorry your question hasn't been answered! I will link our asylum law expert @Nilab here, she will get back to you shortly with more information. Best, Isa
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