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Please I have a child with a German woman 3years ago and have signed the vaterschaft and my name is also on birth certificate but I have no custody 50/50 but I have good visitation with my son and evidence of tickets that shows I see my son every month for the past 3years .

I want to know  that can I stay in Germany without custody but I visit my son.
asked Nov 19, 2018 in Legal advice by christianowusu
Please I need good answer for my question @mercel.

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Dear @christianowusu, thank you for your question and being part of the community. I will link our expert @marcel with your question. He will get back to you soon on this. Until then if you still have more questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Best regards, Nilab
answered Nov 20, 2018 by Nilab 1 flag
Please I still need answer
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