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Hi wefugees team ,

I have a serious question regarding Disability. My asylum is denied last year and i applied against it and i am waiting for the court appointment.I am severe sick and I received 50% disability Ausweis. As I told that I have submitted all my medically documents in the court .

Should I send the court my 50% disability Ausweis and will the court consider it and provide me humanitarian residency.

I am integrated in German society having B1 certificate and worked two years fully and living in my own apartment .

Best regards
asked Oct 20, 2018 in Legal advice by Khan

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Dear @Khan,

thank you for sharing your situation with us.

Please do send the copy of your Ausweis to the court of appeal and the BAMF through certified post(Einschreiben).

They have to consider all those facts.

I hope we could assist you, if further questions arise, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

answered Oct 20, 2018 by Nilab
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