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Dear respected Sir /madam, I want to ask some questions regarding of my German marriage visa so I'm living in hamburg Germany and I'm on still asylum status so my asylum is rejected but I'm still in  appeal process so my question is, I got marriage with German woman according German law and I wanna apply visa so will I get visa in Germany or will I get visa in my home country Pakistan? What can I do now? Because I'm afraid maybe they'll say to me that I have to go home country and apply visa from there so what can I do? Thank you
asked Sep 8, 2018 in Legal advice by Rao89

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Hi @Rao89 first of all congratulations on your marriage. As for your question with my own experience its not unusual for the Ausländeramt to ask you to go back to your country to ask for the German family reunion visa. (Ehegattennachzug) if you have this Visa then you can enter successfully into the Federal republic of Germany and go to the Ausländer Behörde to apply for your Residence Permits (aufenstaltstitel) before the expiration of your visa. you can try to engage a German immigration Lawyer if you want to apply for it here in Germany without going back to your country. (Pakistan) he will know better how to handle such a situation and then tell you what to do. Good luck and best regards Nelly
answered Sep 8, 2018 by Nelly Overcomer
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