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I want to stop my asylum process in deggendorf.It serves me no purpose being in deggendorf and suffering greatly.How do I stop the asylum process
asked Aug 21, 2018 in Asylum proceedings by Christopher7777

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Hello @Christopher7777

I'm sorry to hear about your bad situation. Still it's nice to hear from you again.

You can contact BAMF (the authority that is processing your asylum case) and tell them that you want to withdraw your asylum claim.

If you do so, you might get support through programmes that help people that want to voluntary return to their home country or move to another country that is willing to take them in. Please check out the following links to get an overview of the so-called REAG and GARP programmes:

In addition to the programmes linked above, there is a programme by BAMF called "StarthilfePlus" which brings additional financial benefits. You can learn more about it following this link:

If you want to apply for this programme you can use this formula which counts as a declaration to withdraw your asylum application ("Erklärung über die Rücknahme des Asylantrags") at the same time:

Best regards,


answered Aug 22, 2018 by Thor
Thanks@Thorgen for ur response.I want to end my asylum here based on it will not help me to be with my child.I went to auslanderbehorde office and was told I need to go and get a visa for resident here.I need a good lawyer here cos my first lawyer got me into ds mess.I have refugee status already from Italy.
Can I get a good lawyer please
Bro, I was in the same situation before  ..can we chat privately and fixed something out ? I have an idea
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