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Hi everyone , i’m an asylum seeker in germany i have russian girlfriend and she pregnant and due to have babay can stay or get passport in germany because of my baby if i’m asylum and she is russian ?

asked Aug 12 in Legal advice by Nagada (120 points)
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RUSSIA is not part of the European Union. Does your Russian Girlfriend already have a German Permanent or settlement Residence Permit?
answered Aug 12 by Nelly Overcomer (13,310 points)
Normally in other to work legally in the Federal republic of Germany one must be in possession of a German Residence Permits (aufenstaltstitel) which allows you to work legally in Germany. If she works and lives in Germany with only her Russian Passport and doesn't have the German Residence Permits (aufenstaltstitel) i'm afraid you can't apply for the Residence Permits because your Girlfriend who's going to be your Baby's Mama(your future child's mother) isn't in possession of any regular,Settlement or Permanent German Residence Permits herself. But you can try to engage an Immigration lawyer maybe he might be able to help you out. Good luck
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