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Hello @AmyGerman

Welcome to the Wefugees community. I didn't do an integration course, so I can't talk about my own experiences. But maybe others can share their opinions more effectively if you tell us what exactly you want to know about these courses?

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Hello AmyGerman.

In general, there is a curriculum by the BAMF so that every school should offer the same course. You should just think about what matters to you most. Is it important that the course is close to your house? What time is best for you, how many days per week, how long should it take? Do you have special needs, like for example a course just for women (Frauenintegrationskurs) or parents (Elternintegrationskurs)? If you are a young person until 27, there is the so called Jugenintegrationskurs, including assistance to continue your education or to start your work life. This is nice because you get special help in a group of people the same age.

There is a data base on the BAMF website where you can search for courses: ****://***.bamf.de/SiteGlobals/Functions/WebGIS/DE/WebGIS_Integrationskursort.html?nn=1368284

Afterwards, we recommend to go to the school directly to get a personal impression. Once you have found a course of your choice, they will help you with bureaucracy.

I hope this helps a little.
Have a great day.

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