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Hello everybody,
I am here in Germany for 3 years. My asylum procedure is still going on, so far I have not received a positive or negative decision. I will apply for bachelor at University for the upcoming winter semester. My question is do I get Bafög or not?
asked Jun 27, 2018 in Money by Mohammad Yonis
Hello Mohammad, Nice to hear from you again. Maybe @BildungsberaterIn or @Arrivo-EMSA can give you an answer to this question. Best regards, Thorgen

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Hello Mohammad,

If your residential status is still the Aufenthaltsgestattung (neither positive nor negative decision), unfortunately you won't be able to get Bafög. In Berlin, you can still receive social welfare from the city of Berlin.

It always depends on your individual case and the location. I recommend you to go to the university you are applying for and ask them about the regulations.

If you are in Berlin, you can stop by our place.

Good luck.

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answered Jul 5, 2018 by BildungsberaterIn
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