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I have a 2 year status and can travel outside Italy now. I want to go to my friend in Holland and find work there and live with him for a while. Is it possible to work in another EU country when requesting tax number there
I read it Is allowed to stay 90 days away every 180 days but what if I stay in Holland, how can they check I left Italy as most people do that. I hope somebody can help me with my questions.
asked May 3 in Work by Gambian (130 points)

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Hello @Gambian

Welcome to our community and thank you for your question!

It's true that you are allowed to stay in another EU country for a maximum of 90 days within half a year. But you are not allowed to work there.

It's hard to move within EU because your residence permit is only valid in the country that issued it. If there are convincings reasons why you want to move (e.g. because you married a citizen of the country you want to move to) you can get in contact with the embassy of said country and ask for an exemption. You can also contact them to find out if there are other options to move.

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answered May 7 by Thor (45,730 points)
so what should he do to work there? why dont you fully answer in order for others to be clear.
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