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The standesamt  refused  to give me my baby birth  certificate,  after the registration of my  baby, and after me and the father submitted  all the documents   to obtain  my baby birth certificate,  instead of issuing a birth certificate, he gave us  a birth  registration; but after a long time argument  with the man at the standesamt; he then ask me to provide a passport  in order to get the birth certificates.  So i had to travel to Berlin  to get a
passport . After submitting  the passport  to him; he then said that my passport  will be verified  by the court and am gonna pay 750 Euro s  for for this verification .  Why discrimination, why denying  my son what rightfully  is his? Why , please  help  me . I need answers  and advice  to this situation.
asked Apr 7, 2018 in Legal advice by Helena

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Hello @Helena

Nice to hear from you again.

A certificate of birth is an important document and Standesamt won't issue it without knowing who exactly the parents of the child are. They want to avoid ending up with false information in the certificate. In order to check your identity they need a number of documents including your passport. That's the reason why it's lawful for Standesamt to just give you a birth registration if you can't provide a passport (and other required documents).

I'm not sure about the verification of your passport, but since it's important to check your identity I assume they have to verify it first. Probably there is a number of countries which passports are not accepted unconditionally by German authorities without further investigation.

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answered Apr 9, 2018 by Thor
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