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I want to marry my boyfriend. He is from syria, he has a passport and a birth certificate, but he is staying in turkey. He doesn't have a residence permit and also didn't apply for it yet. So his situation is very risky, we hope he doesnt get controlled. He wants to make a residence permit there. I am wondering if this long and expensive procedure is the best way. He can not really travel to germany, in order to just get married here and apply for residency here. But maybe another european country, like bulgaria, would be better than to stay in turkey?
I know I could just go to turkey and we get married there, but is it possible if he is illegally there? And are there difficulties to consider to get the marriage approved in germany and also what papers would we need to bring him to germany after?
Im just really confused what is a good way to solve the situation and what steps to take to get him into a "legal" state of being and of course to get married.
Any information is much appreciated.
Thanks and warm regards

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Hi if you got married, congratulations. I wanted to know if it was easy and how much it costed ?

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Even if he is in Turkey illegally. But he has a card called in Turkish "kimlik" for refugees. You can marry in Turkey easily. I think every Syrian person has a kimlik or he easily can apply for it.
after making marriage in Turkey
he can apply for family reunion visa in German embassy/consulate.
Getman embassy and consulate dosen't care whether if he is legally entered Turkey. For Syrians
he could apply for long stay visa.
Even if he has expired passport or he lost it. German authority in Turkey could give him travel document (Reiseausweis) called white passport in order to be able to travel to Germany.
I hope that my answer was helpful
you can contact German embassy in Ankara or consulates in Istanbul or Izmir for further information.
Good luck with your future goals
answered May 1, 2018 by Miky
Dear Miky, thanks for your answer, it flashed out the questions i had also, but i want to get a bit sure,

I am going to get married also a non-syrian refugee in Turkey, who is under UN protection right now. So, the question is, since I live in Germany, will he be able to apply for family union visa here in Turkey, German Embassy? thanks a lot again
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