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die A&QUA gGmbH Gesellschaft für Bildung, Arbeit und Qualifizierung bietet Deutschkurse mit beruflicher Orientierung an. Zum Beispiel wird begleitend zum Deutschkurs auch ein Praktikum durchgeführt.

Die Kurse sind Vollzeitkurse und haben eine Laufzeit von 8 Monaten mit 35 Stunden pro Woche (vormittags oder nachmittags). Sie bereiten auf das Zertifikat telc Deutsch+Beruf B1, B2 oder C1 vor.

Die Kurse sind kostenlos. Teilnehmende müssen als arbeitslos gemeldet sein und ALG II-beziehen.

Folgende Themenschwerpunkte werden angeboten:

- Gastgewerbe und Tourismus

- Heilberufe und Pflege

- Online Marketing und Social Media

- Erziehung und Soziales

- Event- und Kulturmanagement

Die ersten Kurse beginnen am 01. März 2018 (andere fangen später an --> siehe PDF).

Sie finden bei folgenden Adressen statt: Mariannenplatz 21, 10997 Berlin (Kreuzberg) und Weichselstr. 8c, 12043 Berlin (Neukölln).

Bei Fragen wendet euch an Bora Hegyes (Tel. 030 – 499 57 305 oder E-Mail:

Im Anhang findet ihr ein PDF, das alle Informationen zusammenfasst.

Viele Grüße,
asked Feb 20, 2018 in Information & Offers by Thor
I did job in Germany for 2 years and then sadly our company went bank corrupt.I asked for arbietlos geld from arbietsamt and they gave me money for 6 months,btween this period i asked to do computer course and they send me Tüv academy.I was very excited that finaly i can study abit furthure and will gain certificate and start a new job in IT filed in which i had studied and did job aswell.So far so good but then when i started my course it turned out to be nothing but massnahme,we use to do nothing just sitting in front of  computer wasted my time sending applications to different companies.When i asked authourites about my course they said it you cannot study here and this course is only bieng taught in other branch of institute.I beged them that please i dont want to waste my time and endup with security again,but they never cared and said that i will not be present on my course then i will be not given money from arbietsamt.After wasting 2 months i got nothing but a bundles of lebenslauf.Then i started getting letters from arbietsamt that i should visit these companies for job because i had done paragraph 43 from IHK.My lawyer gave up hope on me that he dont see any future of me in Germany and i need to find ausbildung as fast as possible.I came into so much of pressure that i put halt to all my plans and started looking for any job.All my hard work for 3 years paid nothing and all the dreams drained away.Lawyer did  not even care and wanted money from me every month.It became really hard to even survive so then i ended up in KFC,because i live alone and i am not register with jobcenter.Only money i used to get is from arbietsamt 670 euros which was not enough.I wonder why ppl play such games and tricks with ppl who have already nothing left and has already lost so much.This gutschine could have helped me to make my life so easy and would have been doing better now but no one really cared.
 It is my request to each and every person who will be getting gutschine from arbietsamt make sure you get something better to make your life better,rather then just wasting precious time.Wish everyone best of luck.Hope you get learn something from my experiance.

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