My name is Dek Sharma. I have one month duldung. Socialamts is also ready to pay for the wohnung expanses but I did not succeed to find wohnung. Several time I visited to different wohnung to see invited by company. On the spot I am not able to submit documents or some other reason. I do not get wohnung.
I hope to get directions.
Thank you
asked Jan 26, 2018 in Home & Living by Sharma

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Hello Dek Sharma,
unfortunetly it is quite hard to find a Wohnung often but to be more succesfull I recommand looking on and in Facebook groups where people post about Wohnungen. Also maybe you can let somebody check your grammar and spelling of your e-mail to the landlords in german to give a good first impression.
answered Jan 29, 2018 by TheOfficialSarah
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Hello @Sharma

Nice to hear from you again!

Unfortunately it's a common problem to find affordable flats or rooms in lots of German cities.

You probably already used the usual websites to search for ads, right? Like these ones:

If you are open to the idea of living in a shared flat (aka WG) you might find interesting results on one of these websites:

Just a little tip (that you might also already know): Back in the day when I searched for a room myself, I didn't just send a "copy&paste" mail to every ad that I was interested in. Instead I tried to give a brief self-portrayal that enabled the landlord/tenants to get a first impression of who I am.

In which city are you looking for a room? If you tell us we can do some research about organisations or initiatives that might be able to help you.

And what documents are you still missing?

I wish you all the best for your search. I know that it can be quite disencouraging sometimes, but you got to be persistent.

Best regards,
answered Jan 29, 2018 by Thor
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