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Hello I have a question about Pakistan refugee . I m half Afghanistan and Pakistan but I speak Pashto which also spoken in Afghanistan so in the interview my Dolmetscher is also from Afghanistan because I speak that language . I have given my case as a Pakistani refugee. Many people say to me that Pakistani acceptance ratio is not good . I would like to know that it depends on ur case or on ur country ?
asked Jan 17, 2018 in Asylum proceedings by Kikia

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Hello @Kikia - nice to hear from you again!

It's true that the acceptance rate of asylum applications differs depending on the country of origin.

I found these data from 2016 about Pakistan and Afghanistan:

It says that Germany granted a refugee status to 3,1% of all applicants from Pakistan while it's 35,6% for Afghans.

Nevertheless, that doesn't mean that your application will result in a negative result automatically just because you are from Pakistan. BAMF will listen to you during your interview and if you can provide convincing evidence that your life is in danger in Pakistan or that you have to fear persecution etc. then you will be granted protection.

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answered Jan 18, 2018 by Thor
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