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How I will get to know my wife address from Romania ?
I was married with her In another Europe country and now I need to divorce in Germany so I need to have her address   . I only now her name and her country city .
Is there sny way to find her address ?
asked Jun 13, 2017 in Legal advice by Zichako

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Hello @Zichako,

a few suggestions:

ask the embassy of Romania for help.
Contact: Dorotheenstrasse 62 - 66, 10117 Berlin
Call center Konsularabteilung: +49 30 21239555

You can search for her name in Romanian phone books.
A list provided by Deutsche Telekom: (German Language, but you will handle that by only using the links).

You ask members of special communities. A list of communities given by the Romanian embassy in Germany:

Use search options of internet and social media services e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Google (Images). A starting point could be Whitepages Romania:

Kind regards
answered Jun 13, 2017 by Jan
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